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Mountain Majesty
Somewhere deep in the Apalachian Mountains, there is a couple of musicians, His Richest, who walked away from lucrative, successful careers in IT to pursue the gift of music. After winning the 25th anniversary Grand Prize from Keyboard Magazine, they realized it was their destiny to develop the hundreds of songs that Heaven rained down. Our hope is that you are blessed in the discovery process..........................
Echoes of Freedom
U.S. Congressman Trent Franks exhaustively researched, authored, and now artfully presents inspiring accounts of the Biblical foundation of the America, as well as the backstory of classic hymns. His Richest (producer, composer, arranger, and pianist) accompanies Rep. Franks and brings a musical dimension to these heart-felt stories as aired by KFLR and KHEP in Phoenix, AZ........
The Rocks Cry Out
This CD is totally original and includes lyrics/songs destined to become classics such as Servant's Heart and I Never Could Deserve This. For a limited time only, each CD is signed by the Composer and Songwriters, His Richest. Vocals by Cre Downing (Phx, AZ) and guitar by Ricky Dodson and bass by Jeffrey Brothers (of Mt. Juliet / Nashville, TN) ..................
Written by Author & Playwright, C. Lyle Rishell, this poignant stage play is set in Eastern Europe of the Middle Ages. Against all odds, Arlo sets out to find his Dad. The expressive, instrumental music score was written in collaboration between C. Lyle Rishell and His Richest - who composed much of the original musical score and also produced, arranged, and performs these orchestrated works. Playwright Rishell wrote the play (and most of the play's lyrics and some melodies) with His Richest collaborating on some lyrics. (The songs have yet to be recorded with vocals/lyrics but the instrumentals are wonderful.)
(A Young Man's Quest)
What is Messianic music? This collection is intended to capture the flavor of Hebrew/Messianic/
Israeli music in tempo, temperament, and text.

As part of Christians getting back to the roots of our faith (Romans 11), Believers are encouraged to retrace the steps of Yeshua/Salvation/Jesus and meditate on His Life and realize His Hebrew roots.

Various tunes are suitable for worship and celebration with the focus on His Word/the Torah, and the life of our Savior, Jesus/Yeshua.
Hebrew Roots/Messianic Music
Sheet Music and CDs Available - Can be Customized for Specific Instruments and Occasions!
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Sheet music and arrangements are available for your Church or group.

Special arrangements can be requested for specific instruments. Feel free to contact us for your special worship requirements.

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