The Rocks Cry Out
With a diversity of artists presenting a kalaidoscope of sound, this project evokes an overall mood and tone that is calming and uplifting. Ricky Dodson's guitar work on "Friends" and his vocals on "The Prodigal" are mellow and warm. His vocals and his guitar-work on "Where are You?" are gravelly, gritty, and provocative. The Warrior bass is deftly played by Jeffrey Brothers (both of Mt. Juliet/Nashville, TN). Cre Downing Phx, AZ) sings "Servant's Heart" and "My Sweet Jesus" with a pure and melodic yearning that every heart will resonate with. Written, produced, and performed by His Richest.
Arlo - A Young Man's Quest
A masterpiece by C. Lyle Rishell, a renaissance man: warrior, artist, dedicated husband and Dad, professor, mountain man....This musical play is universally appealing and speaks to lost possibilities and the search for meaning. For anyone who has lost a loved one and grown up with that hole in the heart, this score will elicit myriad emotions - including the joy that goes with that particular quest of searching for what was lost. Journey with Arlo as C. Lyle Rishell's memorable play comes alive in music. Much of the score was co-written and/or written by the His Richest and produced and performed by same.
The Rocks Cry Out Sample Song List
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Arlo - A Young Man's Quest Sample Song List
Although these are offered as instrumentals, lyric sheets can be provided upon request.
Although these are offered as instrumentals, lyric sheets can be provided upon request.
1. Higher Plane
2. The War
3. Home
4. The Prodigal
5. Heart of Hearts
6. Servant's Heart
7. Peter's Song
8. Listen Now
9. I am Worthy
10. Only the Heart Can Understand
11. My Sweet Jesus
12. When I Need You
13. Where are You?
1. Arlo Overture
2. The Count of Soyen
3. Tell Me I Want to Know
4. A New Time and Place
5. Evening Bells
6. Friends and Love and Life
7. I Have Missed You
8. The Seasons
9. Superstitions
10. Somewhere Close
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